10th Annual Panther Foundation Gala

Posted on Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 at 9:15am.

spring-lake-park-schoolsWe recently attended the annual Panther Foundation Gala and, yes, I roared. Look at my date – why wouldn’t I? Seriously, Rachel and I had such a good time and were happy that we could help make this year’s event the most successful yet.

They raised more than $140,000 and all proceeds go to Spring Lake Park Schools. Every year, the Foundation, the Gala Committee, and the school district choose a project to fund that will benefit the students. This year, the money raised goes into an Angel Fund, to be given out to students (and their families) that are experiencing some sort of crisis.

When they introduced the fund that night they showed a video, partially narrated by a child, that was probably the highlight of the event for us. 

As a Realtor I find it especially appalling that 80 families in the school district are homeless every year. While what was raised at the gala won’t purchase a home for any of these families it will go a long way to provide some winter clothing, food, emergency housing and whatever else these families require.

“The goal is to help school district parents focus on making it through a crisis – and help students focus on learning,” said Evan Johnston, Panther Foundation chairperson.

Even though the gala has come and gone, you can donate to the fund any time, on this website


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