March 2014

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Blaine residents looking for something to do this weekend might want to head out to the Sports Center for this year’s USA Broomball National Championships at Schwan Super Rink.

If you’re new to this part of the country I suppose an explanation of broomball is in order. A Canadian export, broomball is played on the ice in a hockey rink. The idea is to hit the ball into the opponent’s net for a goal – a bit like soccer, but the plays are more similar to hockey.

The “broom” part of the equation is the implement that is used to hit the ball. These are made of either wood or aluminum and, although the head is said to resemble a broom, it does in shape only. It really looks more like a fly swatter.

Although the game is played on the ice, broomball

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You’ve probably been hearing a lot about FXB around Blaine. It has taken off to the point where it’s almost like a cult – or, at least it seems to have a cult following, in a good way.

FXB stands for Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping and the company’s main website claims that FXB “is a results-based fitness program for participants of any age, lifestyle, sex or athletic ability.”

The “Farrell” is Lance Farrell, a martial arts teacher and competitor. The program claims that within 10 weeks of their fat-burning and strengthening routine you’ll see real results. Apparently the claims are true because, as I said, people are crazy about the program.

Proof? Check out their rave reviews on the Blaine center’s Facebook page.  “What a FUN place to

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It has already struck in Shoreview – in fact, officials there confirm that there’s a nasty emerald ash borer infestation. Blaine officials, according to the Star Tribune’s Shannon Prather, will be making a pre-emptive strike against the pest by cutting down and replacing our local ash trees.

They’ll be removing about 75 trees from Blaine’s streets and parks this spring and, over the next decade, plan to remove up to 7,000. I didn’t even know we had that many ash trees in Blaine.

So, why not just wait for an infestation and then kill the bugs? Apparently, because the trees are so inexpensive our local developers planted loads of them and treating all of them with the chemicals required to prevent an emerald ash borer infestation would be too costly.

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spring-lake-park-schoolsWe recently attended the annual Panther Foundation Gala and, yes, I roared. Look at my date – why wouldn’t I? Seriously, Rachel and I had such a good time and were happy that we could help make this year’s event the most successful yet.

They raised more than $140,000 and all proceeds go to Spring Lake Park Schools. Every year, the Foundation, the Gala Committee, and the school district choose a project to fund that will benefit the students. This year, the money raised goes into an Angel Fund, to be given out to students (and their families) that are experiencing some sort of crisis.

When they introduced the fund that night they showed a video, partially narrated by a child, that was probably the highlight of the event for us. 

As a Realtor I

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kris-lindahlAlmost two years ago – in May of 2012 – named Kris Lindahl their Real Estate Pro of the Week, citing his “technology-based real estate powerhouse” as the main reason.

Since then, technology use in the real estate industry has exploded and, true to form, Lindahl remains in the forefront. Sure, he still leverages conventional technology to lure buyers to his listings through social media and Internet marketing strategies, but he has also stepped up his game, going where few agents dare to tread -- the skies.

Lindahl’s latest addition to his tech tool box is an under 3-pound camera-equipped “drone” aircraft, or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), that he uses to photograph his listings in the Twin Cities area. Once only the purview of the

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