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Boating - Lake Harriets

When you think about the state of Minnesota, Blaine is not typically the first city that comes to mind. For that reason, it is normal for you to have no idea what kind of entertainment the city offers. What kind of fun things can you and your family do in this city anyway?

Go Golfing

This city is home to a number of different golf courses. They are all excellent options for someone who loves golfing as well as someone who has never been golfing. You can check out the National Sports Center and give the Victor Link Golf Course a try. This is a challenging golf course that might be a little frustrating to beginners. The Sports Center is also home to the Tournament Greens which is more suited towards golfers of all skill levels.

Go Boating

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Fishing and Shopping in Duluth, MN

This coming weekend may be our last chance to get away for any stretch of time, outside of taking a formal vacation. Where will you go? Here are a few suggestions I came up with on the fly.

Fishing in Duluth

Drive a little over 2 hours northeast of Blaine and you’ll be in fish heaven. I’m not sure if any of the full or half-day charters on Lake Superior are still available but it’s worth a call to find out. August is the best month for most of the fish in the lake – trout season doesn’t close until the end of September – and you can also fish for walleye, coho and Chinook salmon.

Afterwards, stop by Fitger’s Brewhouse for a round of beer tasting. You could also spend part of the weekend shopping Duluth’s Canal Park – never too early to shop

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Shopping, dining, and just having a good time – these are all things that people really want in life. The question is: is there a place in the city of Blaine where you can do all of these things at once? After all, gas prices are fairly high. The last thing a person wants to do is have to drive to three different places just to have a good time.

The Answer to Your Problems: Northtown Mall

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The Northtown Mall is the name of a shopping mall that you can find in the city of Blaine. The anchors of the mall include Best Buy, Herberger's, the Burlington Coat Factory, and the Home Depot. The mall is home to more than 100 different restaurants and stores. It is also home to a foot court as well as a public charter school called Paladin Academy.

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Minnesota is not one of those states where it is warm almost all year round. In fact, the winters can get pretty chilly. As a parent, you want your child to be active and spend lots of time playing outside. What do you do when it starts to get chilly outside and you don't want them to get sick? Obviously, you don't want them running around your house burning that energy all day!

Fortunately, there are lots of fun places that offer indoor activities for children in the city of Blaine.

Chuck E. Cheese

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Who doesn't like going to Chuck E. Cheese? Chances are pretty good your child will have just as much fun as you do! There is a toddler zone for little kids to enjoy and walls filled with arcade games that older children will really enjoy. There is

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Upcoming Event in Blaine, MNIf you are looking for a cultural event that will blow you away and teach you a lot at the same time, then the Blaine World Event is the place for you. It is a great way for you to spend some time with family or friends and not have to break the bank. This yearly event continues to gain new attractions every single year it takes place.

What You Can Expect

The Blaine World Event allows the city to celebrate the ethnic diversity and shows exactly the growing culture of the City. Over the years it has continued to grow so expect a lot of people and make sure you bring a lawn chair. This is a great opportunity for you to come out, enjoy yourself, and learn about other cultures and the things that make them great.

Biggest Festival Yet

There is a

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Golf BallVictory Links Golf Course first opened in 2003 with an 18-hole course. It was designed with the PGA Tour in mind and has the challenge level of any other PGA Tour designed golf course. The course spans for over 400 acres with a variety of natural nature environments, such as wildlife and Minnesota prairie grass.

The Course

The golf course consists of a championship course with 18 holes, a bent grass putting course with 18 holes, and a large tee driving range. There is also a club house as well as a shop where you can purchase pro-golfing equipment and clothing. The golf course is located at the National Sports Center so you can also take part in a variety of other sports such as hockey, cycling, soccer, and much more within the same complex.

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Ice HockeyThe Fogerty Arena, a non-profit facility located in Blaine, is owned and ran by both the Blaine and the Spring Lake hockey communities. They are host to both youth and adult hockey activities and the public is also welcome to come in and ice skate for a small admission fee. Seniors can skate free of charge and receive free coffee and donuts as well.

The Facility

The facility has two ice rinks that are NHL regulation size. The South Rink is the biggest rink seating 2000 people in heated seats. The North Rink is much smaller with heated seating for only 300 people. The rink also includes a concession stand, vending machines, and arcade games for patrons to enjoy. In addition, there are multiple locker rooms as well as a small shop that does skate

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I have a friend that grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii and she remembers when they discovered a new island forming off the larger island’s southern tip – one mile below the ocean’s surface. In about 30 to 40 thousand years it will crest the surface and a new island will be born.

When I heard that Blaine’s city council voted to take another step closer to The Blaine Wetland Sanctuary I thought about my friend from Hawaii. No, our new open space isn't the result of sitting on a hot spot, but she has to wait a couple thousand years to walk on a new island while Blaine residents only need wait until 2020 for our new nature preserve. Compared in that manner, it makes the wait a bit more tolerable.

The nature preserve is the 500-acre Blaine Wetland

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Image Credit: you’re in search of great places to dine out in Blaine, you have several options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a place to grab a tasty burger or you’re in the mood for some fine dining or even if you want to grab a bite to eat while watching the current sports game, there’s a place for you in Blaine. Listed below are some of the best places to eat in the area.

Buffalo Wild Wings

With a variety of wing flavors to choose from you can satiate your appetite and wash down that chicken with a nice cold beer while cheering on your favorite sports team playing on the TV. While wings are their most popular menu item they also serve burgers, salads, sandwiches, and many other items.

Zantigo Mexican Restaurant

If you’re in the mood for

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Image Credit: National Sports Center in Blaine is over 600 acres and is the largest amateur sports complex in the world. There are a number of various facilities in the complex where you can play a variety of sports such as soccer, lacrosse, hockey, football, rugby and golf. You can figure skate, run track and field, or participate in cycling.


There are indoor facilities as well as outdoor facilities that host the various sports and activities. There is the Victory Links Golf Course, which is an 18-hole golf course, designed with the PGA Tour in mind. There’s the Schwan Super Rink, which is a huge ice arena complex that is actually where the US Women’s Olympic Hockey Team calls home. The rink offers a variety of tournaments, leagues, and lessons

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