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Getting a mortgage for your new home is easier if you have a steady job with a steady paycheck. However, many individuals run businesses and work as freelancers. The self-employed can still get a mortgage, but they need to know how. Here are a few tips to help secure a mortgage if you work as a freelancer or you're self-employed.

Start Saving your Down Payment Now

A larger than normal down payment always helps tip the scales in your favor. When you're self-employed it helps if you can put down 20% or more. This will make it easier to get approved for a mortgage even with the higher risk class of being self-employed.

Fix any Credit Problems Now

If you have bad credit or less than great credit, you want to work on fixing it now. This is very

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Historic homes are all over the country and they are often very beautiful. A historic home may include beautiful gingerbread trim, an elaborate fireplace or even leaded glass windows. However, they are not right for everybody. Here are some things to consider before you buy a historic home.

Restrictions in Neighborhoods

Since many historic districts have to put an emphasis on preservation, they will impose restrictions. You may have fewer options when it comes to renovating or altering the home. Usually the facade is protected and you will need to sift through bureaucracy to even try to get permission to change it.

Some of the landmark districts will not even let you renovate. If the home is 100 years old or more, you may not be able to do

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There’s nothing like buying a newly-constructed home. You get to choose the lot and, if you get in early enough you may even have first dibs. Then, you’ll choose your options and watch as the home takes shape.

Moving in is a dream – no icky grease in the kitchen, no pet or kid odors, no dirty carpets – everything is brand new.

Right now, in Blaine, you can choose from among 70 lots at Weston Woods at Rice Creek, the new townhome development being built on the former 37-acre Katehaven Golf Course.

These will be considered luxury townhomes, with high-end features throughout. It’s the location, however, that will help these homes hold their value – they’re situated around a tributary of Rice Creek and three ponds.

Mark of Excellence Homes is the

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The Blaine City Council approved a conditional use permit extension on January 22nd for Allina Health's excavation work. This work is found near Lexington and 109th avenues.

The conditional use permit was first given in November of 2013 and about 350,000 cubic yards of granual fill were supposed to be brought in to bring the 33-acre site level up by the end of April 2014. However, only about 60,000 cubic yards of fill was moved in and no work has been done since the end of April 2014.

The problem the contractor ran into was a lack of fill. It was all supposed to be coming from the former Metrodome site, but they ran out of fill.

Allina Health requested a conditional use permit extension until the end of 2015. The contractor plans to find the

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Buying home

Going from a renter to a home owner is a big step. Not everybody makes the leap when they are actually ready. Some wait too long, while others leap too soon. Here's how you can tell if you're ready to own a home.

How's Your Employment?

Stable employment is important when it comes to home ownership. You want to make sure you can pay for the mortgage and you will have the income to support repairs and other maintenance. The first step to knowing you're ready to own a home is to have a stable job that pays you well enough to support a mortgage.

Are you Planning to Stay?

If you don't plan to stay in the area for at least the next 3 to 5 years, home ownership doesn't make much sense. It's best to know you will stay in the area for 10 years or

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Anoka-Hennepin is going to bid on two elementary school projects in February. They are both additions to area schools including Wilson Elementary School in Anoka and Johnsville Elementary School in Blaine. If the additions are approved, they will help to handle the expected growth of the area.

With Blaine forecasting about 4,000 new home in the area of Johnsville Elementary, it's necessary to make this expansion. The 4,000 homes are expected to be added over the next 15 years and the school already has record enrollment.

Currently, Johnsville Elementary has 761 students and is expected to be close to 900 students in the next few years.

The Addition for Johnsville Elementary School

The proposed addition for Johnsville Elementary is an

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