January 2016

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As we put the 2015 Blaine real estate market to bed it’s interesting to look back and see exactly what went on. So, let’s take a look at what happened last month in the Blaine real estate market and how we fared for 2015.

Remember, our local MLS releases its market statistics a month behind, so although these statistics are from December, 2015, they are considered the most recent numbers. But we do now have the full year’s picture to take a look at.

New Listings in Blaine

Last month we congratulated and heartily thanked Blaine homeowners for finally deciding to sell. After all, new listings were up for the month, about 19 percent. December saw a decrease of 13 percent fewer listings than December of 2014 so no congratulations for you this

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Our little town has some big BIG fun during the rest of January and into February. Check out these events.

Say hello to Date Night in Blaine!

Remember date nights? They become even more important to your relationships with the addition of kids. Scheduling time alone is usually challenging, but not if you live in Blaine. Victory Links has come to the rescue by offering Parent’s Night Out every Friday night, starting this Friday, the 22nd.

Drop off your budding Tiger Woods or Annika Sörenstam to receive instruction, practice his or her golf game and have some fun with other activities. This program happens every Friday night and it’s for kids age 8 and older. It’s is a bit pricey, however, at $44 a session. Hours are 5:30 p.m. until 10

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Home Testing

January is National Radon Action Month. Doesn’t sound very exciting, we agree, but it is worth noting. Why? Because radon is dangerous, especially when it’s in your home.

So, what’s radon and why should I care?

Did you know that the local gas company puts that stinky odor in the natural gas supply? Natural gas has no odor so they odorize it so we can be alerted if there’s a leak. Radon gas is odorless as well but nobody’s found a way yet to add a stink to it, which makes it quite dangerous.

Radon is radioactive. Got your attention with that one, didn’t we? The awful fact about radon gas is that it’s the number one cause of lung cancer in folks who don’t smoke cigarettes. So, just as you wouldn’t dream of allowing someone to light one up in

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