42-Home Project and Open Space Contract Both Approved in Blaine

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Wednesday, November 19th, 2014 at 2:03pm.

ApprovedBlaine’s City Council has approved a 42-home project and open space contract this past October. The preliminary plat and conditional use permit was approved in May 2013 for Ryland Homes by the City Council stating that they can construct 177 single family homes at the development of Legacy Creek’s Preserve.

The addition would be situated at the area of 129th Avenue and Legacy Creek Parkway.  The city council also approved a two-year contract for continual management of open space with Prairie Restoration Inc. Here is a look at what the approved contracts entail.

Open Space Contract

The open space contract with Prairie Restoration is $28,500 and will cover work for the fall of 2014 and 2015. The improvements are going to help aid in controlling and managing invasive species so that native plants can flourish, Monarch butterflies will be drawn in and pollinators like bees will be drawn in.

When stormwater manager Jim Haffner started working with Prairie Restoration in 2009, they had been prescribing burns which cleared away invasive species like buckthorn. They have to do follow-up maintenance to ensure they don’t come back. The two-year contract approves working in the open spaces of Aquatore, Kane Meadows, Hidden Ponds, Oak Savannah, Laddie Lake and an area of 131st Avenue.

42-Home Project Contract

Ryland Homes had already been approved for 56 single family homes back in June 2013 and the approval in April 2014 was for an additional 47 single family homes. The third addition approved this past October was for larger lot width sized 72 to 75 feet. It’s mostly going to be in the Preserve at Legacy Creek development.

Park dedication fees for this are going to be up to $130,000. The developer is going to have to pay around $55,190 to the city for improvements in the future at 125th Avenue. They plan to wide it to a four-lane road between Harpers Street and Radisson Road.

Blaine’s City Council has approved the 42-home development and open space contracts for the city.

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