A Checklist for your Final Walk-Through

Posted on Monday, July 6th, 2015 at 9:52am.


Did you know you’ll have one more chance to view that Blaine home you’re about to purchase just before closing? Indeed you do, and it’s an important step in the purchase process. Known as “the final walk-through” it allows you to ensure that the home is in the same condition as when you agreed to purchase it, that all seller repairs have been made and that nothing was damaged when the sellers moved out.

Of course a member of the Lindahl Team will be with you on the visit, but we thought we’d give you a heads up on some of the items you should check during this final tour.

 Check Repairs – Have all the agreed-on repairs been made, according to what was promised in the purchase agreement and any addenda? Make sure the seller left you contractor’s receipts and copies of any permits required for the repairs.
 Check the appliances – run the dishwasher and leave it running while you inspect the rest of the home. This will assure you that it is in working order and that it doesn’t leak. If the washer and dryer were included in the sale, let those run as well.
 If the home has a driveway heater, turn it on and let it heat up during the inspection.
 Turn on the heater and then the air conditioner. Make sure they both shut off when the room reaches the appropriate temperature.
 Switch on ceiling fans and ensure that it continues working at the various speeds.
 Is there hot water coming to all the hot water taps in the home?
 Ring the doorbell.
 Check the smoke alarms and the home’s alarm system.
 Open and close the garage door using both the remote and the button on the wall in the garage.
 Operate the stove and oven.
 Test the microwave.
 Check the gas to the fireplace.
 Test the garbage disposer.
 Is the refrigerator and the freezer at the proper temperature?
 Turn on all the lights to ensure they work. This includes outdoor lighting.
 If the home has a hot tub or spa, turn on the jets and the light. Ensure the pool light works as well.
 Ensure that the seller left all the owner’s manuals for appliances and home systems (air conditioning, heating, fireplace units, alarm systems, etc.)
 Check for broken windows/screens. Open and close them to ensure they’re in working order. 
 Check the walls and floors for any defects that weren’t there when you agreed to purchase the home.
 Turn on the home’s exterior irrigation system and walk around the property looking for leaks or other malfunctions.  
 Test the lights and electrical outlets in the garage.
 Is all the landscaping as it was when you signed the purchase agreement?





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