A Small Tax Levy Was Approved in Anoka County

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Wednesday, December 17th, 2014 at 12:18pm.


At the December 5th meeting the Anoka County Board approved a small tax levy and the budget for 2015. After a public hearing was conducted on December 4th, which only two people voiced their opinions, the levy was approved.

The increase will be 0.89%, which comes after three years of reductions on the levy. The net levy will still be lower than 2011, which was $106.4 million. The new net levy will come in at $96.9 million.

2015 Budget

The overall budget for the county is $274 million for 2015. This is down from 2014, which was $281 million. This means there will be less outside funding for transportation projects. The levy increase was thought to be necessary by many board members and it's believed that the last three years of reductions were unprecedented.

The tax levy was preliminarily approved in September due to many factors including:

  • Health insurance premium increases
  • Investment income reductions
  • Inmate prescription medication increases
  • Property transaction fee reduction
  • Conversion of Medial Assistances cases to MnSure

These factors all cost money and impact the county. The tax levy increase is greater for residential properties than for commercial and industrial. This is due to the increase in property values within the residential areas of the county.

The tax levy was passed unanimously by the bard to add to the capital improvement and operating budget of the county. With so many changes coming in 2014, it was necessary to increase the budget in certain areas. Part of the increase is also due to the rising property values within the area.

Upgrades have been made over the past few years for public safety and health. More upgrades in these areas are expected and residents have made it clear they want to see improvements in these areas. The new tax levy increase will help fund the necessary projects.

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