Attraction Spotlight: Complete Helicopters, Inc.

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Friday, September 12th, 2014 at 9:27am.

HelicopterLooking for a thrilling experience in Blaine? Head out to Complete Helicopters, Inc. at 8891 Airport Road Suite B1 in Blaine, Minnesota for a ride. They will give tours, let you cruise for any occasion, and give you lessons.


Complete Helicopters, Inc. loves to take photos from the sky. They take them for personal and business use. You can hire them to take photos for a real estate deal you are involved in, to document the progress of construction projects, to accumulate data for zoning plans, or to evaluate a property.

Whether you want to supply your own photographer or use theirs, this is a great way to get a unique shot from above of a building or landmark. Real estate agents love to have an aerial photo taken of a home they just sold to give as a gift to the new owner.


If you are having a fundraiser, you can hire this company to come to the event and sell rides. A percentage of the profits from the day will go to the cause. This is great for carnivals, picnics, or company functions.

Scenic Tours

Looking for a unique date night? Try a scenic helicopter tour. Maybe you want to show your kids your city from the sky. Whatever the reason, taking a scenic tour is a great way to experience Blaine. Since helicopters travel much faster than cars, you can see more areas in a shorter trip.

Special Events

If your company is having an annual event, what a fun way to treat guests than to have Complete Helicopters, Inc. take guests on a ride. This will impress clients or add to a grand opening of any event. It’s also a popular choice for birthdays and wedding proposals. Finally, take advantage of their flying lessons in only 50 hours. You can do this at any age.

Complete Helicopters, Inc. is an exciting addition to the city of Blaine.

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