Blaine May get a Roundabout, but No Tunnel

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Monday, March 23rd, 2015 at 9:22am.

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The Blaine City Council has looked at the redesign of 105th Avenue again and come up with a potential plan. The portion of the road being redesigned runs from Highway 65 to Radisson Road.

The plans have the middle lane becoming a landscaped median and new light posts going in. The road will remain four lanes, but the plans have changed a bit after receiving a higher cost estimate than expected.

Last year, a rough estimate had the entire project costing $4.5 million. However, WSB & Associates has provided a more thorough estimate at $6 million.

The city hopes the state will pay $3 million of the cost because it owns the National Sports Center campus, which is found on 105th Avenue. However, the city won't know if the state will help until May. If the state doesn't help, the city may have to consider using some of the funds from the sale of Cloverleaf Courts and Blaine Courts senior apartments, which will be about $9.65 million. This money was going to be used to pay off the construction debt form Cloverleaf Courts and help fund economic development programs.

The Roundabout

The plans show a roundabout going in at the intersection services the new fields on the north side. This will help keep traffic moving and save throughout the area. The roundabout could result in a lower posted speed limit.

A Tunnel or Bridge

Originally, the city discussed adding a tunnel for pedestrians to cross or a bridge. However, this could cost more than $1 million because the road would have to be raised for a tunnel.

However, the city has discussed putting up fences to keep people from crossing the road, except at three designated crosswalks. Throughout the construction, the road will remain open and the plans should be finalized soon.

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