Can you Find a Great School Without Going Over Budget on Your New Home?

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Monday, June 15th, 2015 at 9:27am.


Often, parents think the only way to get their children into the best schools is to live in the most expensive neighborhoods. However, the pricey neighborhoods may have good schools, but they are not the only ones. If the school boundaries are important when you are shopping for a home, use these tips to help.

Don't ask the Opinion of Your Agent

It may seem like you should be able to ask your real estate agent to find a home in a good school district for you, but you really can't. Your agent isn’t allowed to value any schools above another because it could be looked at as steering someone into a specific neighborhood.

You need to find the school that fits your child best, and then have your agent look for homes within that district. Keep in mind, every child is different and one school may offer better math classes, while another has higher overall test scores.

Do your Homework

Word of mouth will only get you so far and isn't a reliable source when it comes to good schools. You can do your own homework online and determine which school offers the best classes and activities for your children. It may even be a good idea to go on a parent visit of the school before you make your final decision.

Search by School District

Sometimes, you are tempted to search for a home by town or neighborhood, when you should be looking by school district. A good real estate agent will know the school district boundaries and will help you once you know which district you want to be in. Often, the district boundaries cover multiple neighborhoods and may only cover one part of a few neighborhoods instead of the entire neighborhood.

Use these tips to help you find your next home in the school district that fits best with your children. Remember, it may not be the school with the highest overall test scores that fits best for your child.

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