Coon Rapids Makes Regional Trail Connections a Priority

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Monday, March 2nd, 2015 at 8:40am.

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Trail construction in the Coon Rapids area, along with approval and planning were recently set by the Coon Rapids City Council. They are making the trails a priority including the 42 miles of city owned asphalt trails, 27 miles of independent trails and 15 miles of interior park trails.

Out of the $17.4 million bond, which was passed by voters, a large amount will go to reconstruction and construction of trails. The goal of the council is to fill in the gaps with the east-west regional trails from Fridley to Anoka. They also want to create a link with the north-south trail between Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park and Bunker Hills Regional Park. The council believes the linkage can provide plenty of benefits.

The north-south connection will provide access to the Mississippi River Regional Trail and the ability to work with Anoka County for some type of contribution. The council has set this connection as a top priority, because it will allow bikers to enjoy much more in the summer. It will also benefit the Coon Rapids Art Commission's outdoor summer concert series because of the limited parking at the park. With access via bike more can attend without taking a vehicle.

Other trails along Coon Rapids Boulevard are expected to be renovated. Some may be extended, as well. Since this section of trails is in poor condition, it has become a top priority, as well.

About $1.1 million in grand funding has been applied to the reconstruction project and the decision on how it will be used should come in March 2015. The council doesn't want the new trails to infringe on neighborhood properties and they want to make sure they are providing the most benefit possible to the community.

Currently, the design and some of the details are being worked on. Once the planning and approval phase are complete, the council will have a solid timeline for completion of the projects. Right now, they expect the projects to be completed by the end of 2018.

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