East Bethel will Soon be a Heart Safe Community

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Monday, December 22nd, 2014 at 10:47am.


The city of East Bethel has now officially become a HEARTSafe community. The city council members heard out and agreed with Troy Lachinski, local firefighter, who explained in a meeting back in November that the city plans to become a HEARTSafe community.

This concept is a way to save lives by addressing cardiac arrest and heart-attack response throughout the area. The plan is to have everyone trained and have automatic external defibrillators in public places. Lachincksi feels this is a really important concept to have in East Bethel. Here is a look at what this means for the community.

How will it work

East Bethel will need to earn certification to declare becoming a HEARTSafe community. The city will be able to earn points by holding training sessions through the Fire Department on CPR and AED usage. These devices are easy to use by design and will work the same way. They cost anywhere from $1,800 to $3,000 but don’t require mouth-to-mouth contact to save someone.

The first step is for Lachinski to lead the effort to obtain volunteers which will attend training sessions. A friend of his in Anoka implemented a program in Anoka that had built-in fundraising components and this friend was encouraging the same thing in East Bethel.

Why do the program?

Lachinski explained to the city examples of survival stories where people’s lives were saved due to immediate action. The program empowers bystanders to help patients, during the initial critical minutes that they are affected, by acting quickly. The city is going to gain points by acquiring more AEDs and holding training sessions.

The city has to formally declare it before the process will start. The city may add a part of their city website with additional information on the program.

This program is going to be an excellent way to bring East Bethel together as a community by making it easier to save lives and help one another.

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