Final Design for Blaine Open Space Expected Soon

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 at 11:45am.

Design Planning

Blaine Wetland Sanctuary is proceeding to the final stage of the 500-acre, five-year project. Stantec Consulting Services, Inc was approved by the Blaine City Council on December 9th to finish the final design and stage that will have trails and a nature center.

Blaine City Council

With two Council Members absent the final vote was 5-0 to approve a $365,980 contract with Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. A 10 percent contingency amount was also approved by the council in the amount of $402,578.

There were three proposals for the final design that the city received. EOR and SEH, Inc offered a lesser total but Stantec was the lowest price per hour.

Stantec bid was higher because of the projected hours. According to the city’s Stormwater Manager, Jim Hafner that is in charge of this space, Stantec had the best understanding of what the city was looking for. He also stated that “They were the most complete in their proposal”.

EOR had estimated the least amount of hours but also did not include a final design for a Nature Center. They had suggested that the city work with another architect for the Nature Center.

SEH and Stantec had included design cost for a Nature Center in their hours projection and final costs. However, per Hafner, SEH was “light on details” he also stated that “their proposal was vaguer on how some tasks would be addressed or what level of work would be devoted to some tasks”.

Blaine Wetland Sanctuary

They are looking to bring trails and a Nature Center to the area for Community Outreach and to create Educational Opportunities located next to The Lakes housing development. This is currently what is happening at the Springbrook Nature Center in Fridley.

There will be a clearing of approximately 9 acers that was once referred to Site 7 near 109th Avenue. It will be located by the Lexington Athletic Complex. The Contract with Stantec is until 2020 and they will seek public input as the design nears the end.

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