Former Golf Course Site in Andover Has been Approved for Housing

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 at 3:26pm.


There are plans in Andover to add six new single-family homes at the former Woodland Creek Golf Course. It will be on the north side of the former golf course at a 4.44-acre site. The Andover City Council approved the preliminary plat on the evening of November 18th where the old clubhouse, parking lot and driving range once were. The development will be called Creekside Meadows. Here is a look at what the plans are for the development.

What will they do with the golf course?

The plans for the remaining 70-acres of golf course are that it will be a wetland restoration project used as open space for natural grass trail. There won’t be any playground equipment and it will forever be an open space according to the community development director. The wetland restoration and the housing development both are going to start next spring according to Jim Dickinson, City Administrator.

Working with the city

The open space can be enjoyed by the whole community. Capstone Homes approved the city to construct four parking stalls located next to the trailhead. The city will allow six homes to have 25-foot front yard setbacks in return. This is 10 feet shorter than what is typically allowed by the city for housing developments.

The Andover City Council also approved a deviation from the city’s typically lot depth requirements for two lots. They usually require a 110-foot buildable lot depth but they’re allowing a 100-foot depth that can be developed. This is because the city asked for them to maintain a row of trees and add the trailhead to the open space area on the development’s west side.

The natural trail within the wetland preservation area will be marked for people to know where to walk. One issue is that the council wanted to make the areas by the four parking stalls look good but the properties right there would cost more. The concern is that the city might be responsible for maintaining the areas by the parking stalls and if not kept up, will look bad in this upper-class neighborhood. They are thinking that they might have the owners of those closest to the stalls care for it as essentially a bigger yard to mow.

These are the plans for Andover’s new housing development.

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