How can you Get your Kid's Room ready for Football Season?

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Monday, September 15th, 2014 at 4:00pm.

Kid Watching SoccerMany kids love football. This causes them to beg for a room decorated with their favorite team’s colors and everything football related.

Parents don’t have to stress worrying it will be difficult to create the perfect football room for their child. It’s actually really easy to create a football-themed bedroom for the kids and they will love it.

From the walls to the floors, the bed to the décor, here are some tips to create an amazing room for your little ones.


One way to make a room football-themed is to make the walls two-toned. It will make the walls look like a football field. Make one half of the wall hunter green like the field and then use wood furniture to look like a football. This is a change to add green curtains and add photographs or Fat Heads of their favorite players on the wall.


Along with using wooden furniture, you can make the headboard a football shape. You can add a leather ottoman that matches, too. Then, add cubbies for storage making it look like a locker room. A metal bench can add another locker room type of touch to the room.


For the bedspread, get a football-themed quilt. They can pick their favorite team to have shown on the bedspread or just choose a general football theme. Don’t forget their favorite team’s color for the sheets.  

Add football lamps and any other gaming equipment. Add orange cones and even consider getting a football field rug for the floor.

Final Touches

Mount a jersey to the wall and NFL posters to add the final touch. You can also add lettering to the walls.

These are just a few tricks to make an affordable and fun football-themed bedroom for your kids. By adding football-themed rugs, bedding, curtains, wall paint and décor, you can create your child’s dream room.

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