Introducing the Moms Club of Blaine

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Friday, September 26th, 2014 at 5:07pm.

Mom with her KidsThe Moms Club of Blaine provides a place for moms to enjoy fun together. It's the perfect solution for full-time and part-time stay at home moms. Whether you just need a group of friends because you're new to the area or you'd like to get to know some other moms, the Moms Club of Blaine is a great choice.

Not Just for the Moms

The Moms Club of Blaine isn't just for moms. This is also an organization perfect for the kids. Since moms can enjoy events and play dates specific for both mom and the kids, this is a great way to build social skills. Kids can enjoy plenty of fun and so can moms.


The Moms Club of Blaine provides all types of activities including:

  • Play Dates
  • Field Trips
  • Mom's Night Out
  • Cooking Clubs
  • Monthly Social Event
  • Outdoor Events
  • Apple Picking Fun
  • Cookie Exchanges
  • Sledding
  • And More!

Some of the events are perfect for moms and their kids, while others allow mom to enjoy a little time without the kids.

Who can Join?

Any mom in the Blaine, MN area can join the club. This club isn't just for stay at home moms and you never "age out." Whether you're a new mom or you have teenagers in the house, you can join the Moms Club of Blaine.

Members range from business owners to teachers and everything in between. The activities are scheduled both during the day and at night, so all moms have the opportunity to enjoy the club. You can even attend a meeting or event without becoming a member to check it all out.

If you're a mom and you're looking for a good way to meet other moms and get the kids involved with other kids, this is a great way to do it. Find new friends and have fun with the Moms Club of Blaine. Find more information on their website at,

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