Is Your Home Perfect if it Passes a Home Inspection?

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Monday, June 29th, 2015 at 9:50am.

Home Inspection

Home inspections are great, but if you pass, it doesn't really mean the home has no issues. A home inspector will look for cracks in the foundation, check for wood rot and look for many other issues. However, they cannot tell you about what is found behind the walls, in the sewer lines or between the floor joists. Here are four areas often undetected by a home inspection.

Environmental Toxins

Toxins such as asbestos, radon and leaks paint are not always fund by a home inspection. They may be found by a contractor if they are ripping up walls, but most home inspections don't check for these things.

Water Damage and Leaks

An inspector will find some leaks and some water damage, but previous water damage may have dried up or it may have been repaired improperly. Even a simple coat of paint can cover up water damage.

If the roof is leaky, your inspector will probably not find it. Most will visually check the roof, but they won't go up onto the roof, especially if there is ice or snow. A leaky roof could be causing water damage your home inspection won't show.

HVAC Issues

Your HVAC system is very important and can be very expensive to replace. Most inspectors won't run the air condition in extreme cold or check the heat on a very hot day because they don't want to cause damage to the unit. Past telling you whether the system works or not, the inspection won't show you much.

Damaged or Blocked Sewer Lines

Sewer lines can be blocked or in need of repair and you may not even know it. A regular home inspection will only tell you about the estimated age of the drain pipe. It won't really look at the structural integrity of the sewer lines.

These are four very major areas that won't show up on most home inspections. However, you can get a specialized inspection to check all of these areas before you buy a home. This could help save you tens of thousands of dollars in future repairs.

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