Land Reclamation Project Granted a Time Extension in Blaine

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Wednesday, February 4th, 2015 at 11:18am.

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The Blaine City Council approved a conditional use permit extension on January 22nd for Allina Health's excavation work. This work is found near Lexington and 109th avenues.

The conditional use permit was first given in November of 2013 and about 350,000 cubic yards of granual fill were supposed to be brought in to bring the 33-acre site level up by the end of April 2014. However, only about 60,000 cubic yards of fill was moved in and no work has been done since the end of April 2014.

The problem the contractor ran into was a lack of fill. It was all supposed to be coming from the former Metrodome site, but they ran out of fill.

Allina Health requested a conditional use permit extension until the end of 2015. The contractor plans to find the rest of the material, but is still unsure where from.

The Blaine City Council voted for a time extension, but stated they won't be giving another one past 2015. The council doesn't want another situation like the National Sports Center, which took many years to prepare the site for their field expansion project.

The area near Lexington and 109th avenues is being developed to include homes, as well. The Pulte homes project will add 150 homes to the area, while the Alliance Bank property will be about 50 acres and include housing, commercial property and potentially a school. Allina Health has also stated that retail may be a large part of their development.

A utility extension project was established because all three projects are on three different timeline. This makes it a problem when it comes to utility connections. The Allina site needs utilities first, but both of the other sites are further along.

The city is looking to extend the utilities from Pheasant Ridge Drive to help with the problem. They are doing this to keep all three projects on track. It's expected that the three projects will start actual property development by the end of 2015.

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