New Addition near Lexington Athletic Complex Approved in Blaine

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Friday, July 31st, 2015 at 1:08pm.

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The Blaine City Council met on July 9th and approved a 45-home single family addition. The addition will be placed near the Lexington Athletic Complex and will be called Parkside North.

This is the second addition of this type to be added. The athletic complex is expected to be open in late August, even though some of the ballfields won't open until next spring.

The Addition

The addition includes the plat, which has 18 homes on 121st Court. It also includes a second addition with 27 homes on Lever Street and 123rd Circle.

Originally, the plan would have been for 48 home lots total, but the preliminary plat was changed during the development process. This was done do provide larger lots for those looking to live in the area.

Paxmar is the builder and will be responsible for constructing all sidewalks, streets and storm drains for the area. During this process, Lever Street will be extended north all the way to 125th Avenue.

The council has not voted on the water access charge and how much of the Main Street improvements Paxmar will be responsible for yet. They plan to vote on this at a later date. Main Street may need to be widened and intersections may need improvements.

Once fully completed, the Parkside North development expects to have up to 600 total housing units with different styles and densities. A 120,000 square foot commercial retail space is also expected.

Currently, the development is working on site excavation. Last year, they moved about 700K cubic yards of earth mainly for wetland enhancements and to create new ponds with depths up to 35 feet. More information on the development is expected to be available as the Blaine City Council votes on other portions of the project.

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