New Crosswalk Policy Adopted by Blaine City Council

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014 at 11:20am.


The busy streets of Blaine are not always easy to cross. However, there will be more opportunities to safely cross the streets in the near future.

A unanimous approval of the new crosswalk policy came on November 20th from the Blaine City Council. One of the biggest changes is the threshold for pedestrians crossing the street. Under the old policy, there had to be 20 pedestrians per hour, while the new policy only requires five.

Why Change the Policy?

One of the major reasons the crosswalk policy in Blaine has been changed is due to the way the community has developed. Blaine has become a community with more people riding bikes and walking than in the past. The City Council conducted a workshop meeting on November 6th and found there were more requests for changes to this specific policy because of more walkers and bike riders in Blaine.

New Crosswalks Coming Soon!

Blaine will soon see new crosswalks because of the changes to the policy and petitions from residents. A total of 16 new crosswalks are set to be reviewed in the spring. The requests for new crosswalks were put on hold until the city could revise the policy. Now that they have done so, these 16 requests will be reviewed for the spring.

All except one of the requests for new crosswalks came from one person. The Lakes submitted the only petition with more than one signature because they want a crosswalk at Lakes Parkway near the West Lake Park.

Other Potential Changes to Crosswalks in Blaine

Along with the changes to the policy, the council has discussed a few other changes to the actual crosswalks. They may be adding LED lights to the street and on the signs at current and new crosswalks. The county of Anoka has already installed one of these types of crosswalks in the downtown area. They may only be used for the busiest crosswalks.

Many residents are very happy about the new changes to the policy and the potential of new crosswalks in Blaine. These new crosswalks will make it easier to cross the street and with more people walking and riding bikes, this is very important to the community.

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