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Although the holidays are consuming most of our attention we still have at least one ear out for the latest news from around Blaine. Read on to find out what’s happening.

Craft breweries in Blaine?

Hey who knows? This could turn into a cottage industry for our city. According to ABC Newspapers’ staff writer Eric Hagen, a group of investors got the city council’s nod to build a craft brewery with an attached taproom adjacent to the NSC. Maybe we should call it “half a nod,” since it’s not a done deal yet.

The group plans on using most of the 7,500-square-foot facility to craft their beers to sell to other businesses but there will be space set aside for a taproom and restaurant that seats up to 250 customers. Oh, and an outdoor patio too! We

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A couple of news notes for you and some events coming up we hope you won’t miss.

From one big box to another

Walmart moved out of the Village of Blaine for their new, larger store and now we find out at At Home, another big-box store (this one featuring home décor and furnishings) will be moving in. First, though, architects will be drawing up plans for a remodeling project for the 105,000 square-foot store set to open next summer.

MnPASS in Blaine

So, is Blaine going to get a MnPASS lane? Minnesota’s Department of Transportation (MnDOT) is looking into the possibility of installing the lane from Highway 36 in Roseville to our very own Lexington Avenue.

Yes, we do have enough road work going on right now to last a lifetime but this

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So, are you tired of TV’s summer doldrums yet? If you’re like us, you’ve even exhausted the good options streamed on Netflix and Amazon. Have no fear, old favorites such as “The Walking Dead” and “The Big Bang Theory” will be returning in the fall, but we will also have some all new shows to enjoy. We’ve picked out a half dozen of those that looked the most intriguing to share with you.


Whether the show succeeds or not, you have to hand it to the writers for an attention-grabbing first episode. The FBI is tasked with figuring out the identity of a naked woman (Jaimie Alexander) found in Times Square. She has no memories and the only clues to her past are in the tattoos that cover her body. They end up revealing a “vast

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It never ceases to amaze Team Lindahl that Blaine is populated with so many compassionate people and we count Melanie Fountaine and Melissa Danielsen among them. In 2010 these two Blaine residents founded Josh’s Place, an organization that provides safe caring homes and services for individuals with disabilities.

The two sisters hit on the idea after losing their own Josh ― their brother ― who had developmental disabilities and passed away in 2009. Melanie and Melissa sum up their mission as one aimed at deepening “the social, psychological, spiritual, recreational, and vocational needs and interests of the people we serve.”

The people they serve are adults, with a variety of conditions, including:

  • Developmental
  • Down syndrome
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As summer winds down a lot of us are working feverishly on all the stuff we need to do to get the kids back in school (September 8).  If you have a young one just entering the system, you may want to consider Johnsville Elementary, in the Anoka-Hennepin School District, otherwise known as ISD 11.

Located in northwest Blaine, Johnsville has been closed for the summer so that new classrooms can be added to the building. The principal, Scott Johnson and his secretary as well as other staff members will be at Sandburg Educational Center in Anoka until this Friday, August 28. The main phone number there is 763-506-5766.

Johnsville Elementary serves nearly 700 students in grades K through 5 with a staff of 38 full-time teachers, giving it a

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Approved - Image Credit:

The Blaine City Council met on July 9th and approved a 45-home single family addition. The addition will be placed near the Lexington Athletic Complex and will be called Parkside North.

This is the second addition of this type to be added. The athletic complex is expected to be open in late August, even though some of the ballfields won't open until next spring.

The Addition

The addition includes the plat, which has 18 homes on 121st Court. It also includes a second addition with 27 homes on Lever Street and 123rd Circle.

Originally, the plan would have been for 48 home lots total, but the preliminary plat was changed during the development process. This was done do provide larger lots for those looking to live in the area.

Paxmar is

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There are a whole slew of new laws going into effect this Saturday, August 1. We looked over the list and found three that we think you should know about.

1. No More Messing with Other’s People’s Stuff

It’s amazing that full-grown adults don’t understand that it’s just wrong to put bodily fluids into someone else’s food or drink, but there you have it. Our lawmakers actually had to pass a law to punish people who do this.

It stems from an incident here in Blaine with a man doing nasty stuff to a co-worker’s coffee. Do something like this after August 1 and you may be found guilty of a gross misdemeanor with a maximum fine of $3,000. I’d list the items you are prohibited from adding to anyone’s food or drink but they’re entirely too

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Park - Image Credit:

When Blaine decided to take on the Lexington Athletic Complex it became one of the largest park projects in the area. It's nearly ready and the opening is expected to come in August of 2015.

The open house will be held on August 18th and a ribbon cutting will be a part of it. Speeches will be happening at 6:30pm. Ball fields will not be ready until the spring of 2016, but teams can start using the multipurpose fields in September of 2015.

Other park features will open this fall, as well. The park shelter, which will look much like a barn will open, along with pickleball courts, tennis courts and a playground. There will also be trails weaving throughout the park, which will connect to other trails within nearby neighborhoods. The hockey rink

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Megaphone - Image Credit:

Spring Lake Park provided the first Spanish immersion class this past year with about 78 students attending. This class will now move to the middle school in the fall.

The goal of the class is to help students maintain their language skills after they leave Woodcrest Elementary, which as a Spanish immersion program. Continually expensing students to the language helps them to improve and practice.

The task force in charge of the program met during the 2014-2015 school year to look at the research, which supports adding the program to the middle school level. They looked at other immersion programs across the metro area and have decided adding this program is a very important part of the education of middle school students.

Four scheduling

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Architecture - Image Credit:

A Chicago developer will be helping to rehabilitate the shopping center known as Oak Park Plaza. This shopping center has been aging for a while and is in need of renovation. With $2.1 million the city of Blaine will help out with the project.

The plaza was originally developed in the 1960s on the corner of 109th and University avenues. It started as a home to a grocery store, a barber, beauty salon, dry cleaners, a pharmacy, a Salvation Army thrift store and a few restaurants. Today, there is an ACE Hardware and Star Liquor are the only stores left.

The plans show that Tri-Land Properties will demolish a section of the strip mall to make room for a new 45,000 square foot space. This space will be used for a Cub Foods. The remaining 61,000

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