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Posted by Kris Lindahl on Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 at 5:12pm.

kris-lindahlAlmost two years ago – in May of 2012 – named Kris Lindahl their Real Estate Pro of the Week, citing his “technology-based real estate powerhouse” as the main reason.

Since then, technology use in the real estate industry has exploded and, true to form, Lindahl remains in the forefront. Sure, he still leverages conventional technology to lure buyers to his listings through social media and Internet marketing strategies, but he has also stepped up his game, going where few agents dare to tread -- the skies.

Lindahl’s latest addition to his tech tool box is an under 3-pound camera-equipped “drone” aircraft, or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), that he uses to photograph his listings in the Twin Cities area. Once only the purview of the military, the UAV has been increasingly adapted for civilian use. Lindahl’s unmanned aircraft, however, more closely resembles a remote-controlled plane than the military’s bomb-laden drones. The craft is capable of reaching 1,000 feet in elevation, but FAA requirements, so far, dictate that civilian drones stick to a 400-foot limit. It also travels at a zippy 35 miles per hour, sending a real-time feed of what it sees back to earth, to Lindahl’s iPhone. When the agent finds a shot he considers a keeper, he’ll snap the photos or record video by pressing a button on his phone.

With an aircraft this tiny, aerial photography isn’t restricted to capturing only outdoor video. This mini aircraft is also capable of taking some incredible indoor shots.“From my iPhone I can adjust the camera to shoot various angles of a room,” Lindahl says. From there, it’s back to the studio where Edina Realty’s listing leader edits the photos and video footage into impressive marketing pieces that will air not only on his website but other marketing sites he uses as well.

Asked how hard it is to pilot the UAV, Lindahl answered that, although the learning curve was steep, his four-year-old can operate it safely. Lindahl’s desire is to give folks shopping for homes a unique perspective of a house, its neighborhood and nearby amenities. This technological versatility has made him the go-to Realtor for local homeowners determined to get the maximum amount of money for their homes.

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