Sand Creek Park Redevelopment Plan about Half Done

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Thursday, December 11th, 2014 at 9:26pm.

Park Construction 

The Sand Creek Park Redevelopment project plans are about half way done. The city of Coon Rapids has about half of the design plans completed and recently hosted an open house to allow the neighborhood to see the plans and give feedback.

On November 25th, residents were able to check out the different stations at the Coon Rapids City Center where staff showed them about road improvement proposals and plans for the park. Here is a look at the plans in place for Sand Creek Park and what else may happen with the development.

The Plans in Place

Some of the plans presented at the open house included road improvements on Northdale Boulevard at the park entrance and plans for the park to include a warming house and restrooms in the building. They’d also offer a concession stand in the building and they want three playgrounds in three different locations at the park. These parks would be for different age groups. Finally, they want a trail on 12th Avenue to link the park with Moor Park.

Future Plans

The goal is to have 75% of the planning completed before the end of the month while having it completed ready in January. Once the final plans are approved by Coon Rapids City Council, bidding would take place in April or May.

The project is going to include reconfiguring and lighting six softball fields, two lighted hockey rinks, two lighted football fields and a skate park. Parking will increase, there will be a new trail system within the park, there will be a concession and warming house plus two tennis courts.

The park wouldn’t open until 2017 according to the city. Road construction will be worked on in 2016. The costs of the project will be around $5.7 million. The estimated cost of the Northdale improvements including new traffic signal will be around $1 million.

The road project will be bid separately from the park project so there will be three separate bids.

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