Should you Consider a Smart Door Lock for your Home?

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Friday, April 17th, 2015 at 10:47am.

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Have you considered a smart door lock in your home? It’s a state-of-the-art security feature for new homes which allows you to control the locks from your phone. The day of the lock and key are out; the Smart Door Lock enabled by Nexia Home Intelligence is the way of the future.

You can even look to see what time the door was locked or unlocked and you can give certain people in your life a certain code to access your home. What a great peace of mind to know when family members are arriving and leaving your home. Here is a better look at all the Smart Door Locks can do in your home.

About Smart Door Lock

The Smart Locks are going to someday be the new norm. While hotel keys used to be a card you were handed that never seemed to operate right, Smart Locks are going to start replacing the old system on most doors. They are so much easier to function, safer to rely on and a great update to old technology. Innovations in technology are only making life easier.

This digital technology is the latest technology in home and business door locks. It’s the newest development to offer a better operation to a daily chore and a better function with higher security. Having them remotely controlled with the support of a Wi-Fi network, keep in mind that they won’t work without the proper technology to support them.

How does it work?

Smart door locks work under operating systems that don’t have to be compatible. You can use your mobile or smart phone as a controller to the lock but those must be the same operating system like Windows or Android.

There are two types of installation, one being the smart door lock installed separately from the traditional lock and the other in which the new smart lock is mounted on top of the existing lock. You can get one with a digital display which leaves a welcome note and takes picture of your visitor.

Keep in mind that they are battery powered so it’s important to have additional external batteries or pick a system that charges easily. You don’t want to get locked out because you were out of town for a few days and your front door lock’s batteries died. Not all systems like this can easily be dealt with through a 24hour locksmith service so backup batteries would be crucial.

That is a look at smart door locks and why some people are finding them to be a great new feature to their new home.

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