Should you Start Planning Now for a Home Purchase Next Year?

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Saturday, December 20th, 2014 at 9:41am.

Home Purchase

For those that are considering buying a home next year, now is the time to start planning. There is so much that goes into your home purchase that trying to carelessly go after your dream home is not a wise decision.

You first need to determine what qualifies as your dream home by making a wish list, and from there you need to find a great real estate agent and research the market. If your New Year’s resolution is to buy a home in 2015, here is a guide to how to make this happen.

Make your wish list

For starters, you should take the time to create your ideal wish list. The beginning of your planning involves the dreaming phase where you get to think about the parts of a home that you want the most.

You can research online for ideas or talk to friends about what they love or hate about their home. This has no set time; when you think you’ve figured out what you want in a home, and then you can move on to discovery mode.

Make sure you’ve considered the amount of bedrooms, the location, the type of neighborhood, the location to schools you like, the neighborhood amenities and the proximity to city attractions.

Start your search

Once you’ve gathered your list of what you’re looking for, it’s time to start looking. This is the time to get a trusted real estate agent because sometimes great homes aren’t listed for the public to see. Your agent may know of one getting ready to become available or may know about the neighborhoods better than you do. Make sure you ask all of your questions about how the market works and about the home buying process.

Once you’ve have gathered your criteria, found an agent and began searching, your planning stage is complete. These tasks can take months or years but by starting now, you’ll have a great shot at finding your dream home in 2015.

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