The 105th Reconstruction Plan is in Motion

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Wednesday, October 29th, 2014 at 6:00pm.

Reconstruction PlanOn October 16th, the Blaine City Council approved a $1.1 million offer for ownership of 105th Avenue. Anoka County will now own the Avenue and will being the design for reconstruction. The vote for this change was unanimous.

The city will still be responsible for future maintenance and the county will give $500K to the city as soon as the agreement is executed.

The county board will actually vote on the agreement at a November meeting. The plan is to turn back 105th Avenue before May of 2015. When this happens, the county will pay the city the remaining balance, according to the agreement.

The county will handle the plowing of the road this winter, but the city will take over these services in the future. After the approval of the agreement, the council also approved the hiring of WSB & Associates for the preliminary and final design phases of the reconstruction project. This project will include the reconstruction of 105th Avenue from Radisson Road to Highway 65.

Funds from the county's contribution will be used to cover the design costs, along with funds from the Municipal State Aid fund from the state's gas tax.

The city is looking into reconstructing the Avenue as a four-lane road with a median. The project will also include fencing, trails, a traffic signal, burying utility lines and pedestrian cross walks. The project could cost as much as $4.5 million. The city is working with the National Sports Center to get aid from the state since the center owns property on both sides of 105th Avenue. NSC attracts over four million visitors each year, which is why the city is considering more than just new pavement for this road.

A timetable has yet to be set for the reconstruction, but the city expected work to start in the spring.

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