The Andover Golf Course Land will Become a Conservation Easement

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Thursday, March 19th, 2015 at 2:01pm.


Those who reside in the Old Woodland Creek Golf Course area, will begin to see swamps reestablished. It was decided by the Andover City Council that the 64 acres would be preserved. The city has been compensated for the land by the Board of Water and Soil Resources. The address of the property is 3200 South Coon Creek Drive.

It was announced by David Berowitz, the City Engineer and Public Works Superintendent, that the land is being sold at $5,582.50 per acre. The purchase total is slightly under $360,000. The Golf Course was purchased by the city in 2013 for $387,000.

Five acres were bought by Shadow Ponds for $130,000. This purchase was made for Capstone Homes to build six homes where the golf clubhouse, driving range and parking lot were. Once the other 64 acres are purchase, the city will receive $490,000 in total fo what was once Andover Golf Course.

A trail will be installed on the preserve, which is accessible by parking in the Creekside Meadows community on South Coon Creek Drive. The instlation of the trail will not be finished until 2016. It will run along the outskirts of the land, except for a small portion on the northwest side. It will also have to be 30 feet away from ajoining property lines.

The course was established in 1989, and brought by its final owner, Olvan Properties, in 2002. A summons to extend city water and sewer lines took place in 2008. This extention would take 10 of the 70 acres. Citizens were not pleased that the course was being taken over to extend sewer and water lines. There were a lot of debates over the project. However, residents are happy with the thoughts of a preserve and trail being put into place.

In the end everyone in Andover is happy with the outcomes that have been decided. Although they no longer have a golf course, the citizens of Andover will still be able to enjoy the beauty of the land.

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