What did the Blaine Council Say About the Northeast Blaine Housing Development?

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 at 12:34pm.


The Blaine Council has addressed the massive housing development taking place in northeast Blaine right now. The residential development proposal north of Lexington Athletic Complex is already under construction.

The property is east of Lexington Avenue and south of 125th Avenue. The 137-acre property used to be farm land owned by the Elwell family in the 1880s. Now a proposal is to make it a residential area for single family homes, townhomes, apartments and more. Here is a look at the current situation.

What is the proposal?

The Planning and Community Development Director has proposed a residential area to come into this former Finnemann family farm, previously demolished in June, to include:

  • 170 single family homes
  • 90-100 townhomes
  • 330 units for apartments, condos or senior housing
  • 20 acres of commercial land

The apartments, condos and senior housing would be on two separate multi-family sites while the commercial land would be 120,000 square feet or parks, trails and open space. They want to revamp this old Finn Farm that has been on everyone’s minds for a while now. Due to the recession, homes in this area haven’t been developed as quickly as they would have liked.

History of the Piece of Land

The Finnemann family took over the land in 1974 but their barn, which was the last historical remnant on the property, was demolished in June. They sold the land to a housing developer in 1999 and the land foreclosed until Paxmar purchased it in 2010. The 40 acres were sold to the city of Blaine for the Lexington Athletic Complex so the first step this past December was to approve a land use amendment for all 137 acres.

The 2001 plan compared to the current plan offers more single family homes, high density residential and fewer industrial and townhomes. The next step was to approve a preliminary plat and conditional use permit for the single family homes. The committee also discussed traffic flow for the development.

50 single family homes will be constructed next year and there is no solid timeframe on the other 120 single family homes, but it may be completed in 2016 or 2017.

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