What type of Questions will Brokers ask at an Open House?

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Monday, April 20th, 2015 at 10:03am.

Open House

Open houses are the chance for a seller to showcase their home to potential buyers and for buyers to get questions answered. Sometimes buyers won’t sign in, speak to the agent and remain mysterious because they don’t want to feel like their personal information isn’t secure or that they will be pressured to buy.

Some people feel uncomfortable being put on the spot but agents really want the opportunity to meet potential buyers. They want to make sure they are doing their market research well. When you go to an open house and feel hounded with questions like these, feel at ease knowing that they are asking these questions for their own benefit rather than to be nosey. Here is a look at key questions they may ask and why.

How does the home compare to other homes you’re interested in?

If you’re asked how the home compares to other contenders, this is simply for the agent trying to figure out if the home is better or worse than nearby listings. Just answer honestly because an agent wants to know if the house isn’t matching up to the competition. This won’t hurt the agent’s feelings but will make them realize that perhaps the house would do better if it has a renovated master bathroom like nearby homes.

How long have you been house hunting?

If an agent asks this, they just want to know how serious you are about buying. For those that just started looking, the agent knows you’re still in the research phase. If you’ve been looking for a few months or longer, this tells the agent that you’ve seen a lot and just haven’t found the right one yet. It is harmless to inform the agent the honest answer.

Are you working with an agent?

If you are working with an agent exclusively, the open house agent won’t try to represent you. They may ask who your agent is but they will respect your boundaries and not try to ask to represent you. Most agents in an area know each other and the open house agent could call your agent to get your feedback on this house. Feel free to tell them you are working with an agent and to give their name and brokerage company. This saves you the trouble of giving out your personal information anyhow.

You may also be asked what you think of the price, neighborhood, and whether or not you’re considering making an offer. Typically, honesty is the best policy, but feel free to withhold information that you are not comfortable giving away quite yet.

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