Where can you Find Meeting Spaces in Blaine, MN?

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Monday, September 8th, 2014 at 11:20am.

Meeting SpaceWhether you are looking for a place to have a corporate meeting, a hall to reserve for a special event, or a place to hold a party or function, Blaine has a lot of options for those searching. As long as you book in advance, it’s easy to find a meeting space in Blaine. Here are the best places to have a meeting space and what type of event they would be best for.

TPC Twin Cities

11444 Tournament Players Parkway
Blaine, MN

TPC Twin Cities is great because they offer three different meeting rooms. You can use the private dining room for smaller functions that want a sit-down dinner or a room to have presentations. The Private Dining Room will hold 24 people if you use classroom-style seating, or 40 people in theater-style seating or rounds-style seating. It’s about 27’ x 24’ in size.

The Northwoods Den room holds 60 people if you use theater-style seating, 50 in rounds-style seating and 40 in classroom-style seating. It’s around 900 square feet in size. Finally, the Minnesota Room, which is the main dining room, is good for 180 people as theater-style seating, 100 classroom-style seating, and 140 if rounds-style seating.

Brunswick Zone XL

11351 Ulysses Street NE
Blaine, MN

The Brunswick Zone XL is a bowling alley, arcade, and lazer tag place in Blaine. They actually offer two different event room options which would be great for functions or birthdays. They are smaller in size and can’t accommodate large parties. Event room 1 can hold up to 60 people while event room 2 can hold up to 50.

National Sports Center

1700 105th Avenue NE
Blaine, MN

The National Sports Center has seven different rooms that can be reserved. They have a Grand Hall for big events that will hold up to 320 people. The next size down would be the Gold Room which holds 120 people. The Exhibition Hall holds 100 people. For small events, you can use one of the three suites which hold 20 people.  

There are some great options in Blaine to hold meetings, host a party, or to have your special event.

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