Which Design Trends are Expected to be the Best for 2015?

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Monday, January 19th, 2015 at 10:41am.

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With the arrival of 2015, design trends are starting to fade out from last year while new trends are beginning to take their place. Designers have been talking about the trends to expect for 2015 and about the fads that are going to be forgotten for 2014. From implanting implementing cowhide accents to bringing back wallpaper, here is a look at the new fads for 2015 and what trends from last year will take a backseat.

Cowhide Accents

A new trend entering the 2015 season is cowhide. It’s considered the idea accent texture for this year according to designers. It’s modern and yet approachable. They find it aesthetically pleasing and it offers a great texture. You’ll find it in throw blankets, rugs and pillows. Sometimes you’ll even see it artwork. The cowhide element will be seen in design schemes this year.

Blue Accent Colors

Blue is coming back this year to be used as an accent in the home. It’s going to be found more commonly than any other accent color. You’ll see pops of deep navy and indigo blue against Marsala, this year’s color of the year. It goes great next to natural hues and earth tones as well.

Taking a backseat this year is the bright color trend from 2014. Coral, purple and teal are last year’s trends that are too hard to work with. While cheerful, these hues are not built to last.

Many people last year also tried rooms with the zigzag chevron prints which became the most overused trend of 2014. Also on the way out this year is solid painted accent walls and matching furniture. This year, people want wallpaper, textures walls and multi-era furniture.

Gold Fixtures

Hardware is going to become modernized with gold, sleek finishes. It’s a retro statement hardware color making a comeback this year. You no longer are limited to silver or stainless steel. Mix and match finish colors or go bold with gold.

Modern Elements from Mid-Century

You’ll start seeing more mid-century modern elements in homes this year through architecture and furniture. This is great to add inspiration in the home but shouldn’t take over the house.

Be on the lookout for these new trends for the 2015 season.

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