Which Type of Kitchen Projects are Better Left to Pros?

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Thursday, February 26th, 2015 at 12:51pm.

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Renovating is an opportunity to flex your DIY muscle, but not every project is worth the hassle. Often, you do-it-yourself to save money or time. However, with some projects, you may end up spending more of both. Here are a few kitchen projects you should hire a professional for.

Installing a Sink

There's quite a bit that goes into installing a sink and if you've never done it, you may want to hire a professional. Whether it's a top-mount, pedestal or under mount sink, it might just be more of a hassle than you should take on.

If the sink isn't placed correctly, it could leak or cause larger issues down the road. Make sure you use a professional if you don't have adequate experience with installing a sink.

Installing Hardwood Floors

It may look beautiful and you may have seen a YouTube video telling you it's possible to install hardwood floors yourself, but the room for error is quite large. If you've never worked with laying wood floors, this is one to leave to a professional floor installer.

Doing this one yourself could mean that bumps and swells are a part of your floor due to moisture. It's also possible that you may not get the right subfloor laid, which can cause other issues down the road. Many other mistakes can cause your floor to look less than amazing.

Replacing a Countertop

A very important part of remodeling a kitchen is the countertop. However, replacing it yourself can be a bit difficult. Most countertops are very heavy and the job requires removing the old one first. Making this a DIY project will put you at risk of injury. It's better to hire a professional.

Cabinet Replacement

If you really want to cause yourself a massive headache take on the cabinet replacement yourself. This isn't an easy project for a first-timer or an inexperienced person. You could injure yourself, damage the drywall, chip the wood or ruin your new cabinets in the process. Leave this one to the pros.

Some projects are better left to professionals like these kitchen projects. If you don't have the experience, it's better to spend the cash to hire somebody that does.

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